As we become older, we can sometimes lose our support networks and become isolated - for this reason we have a companionship service. Our care professionals often become trusted companions who can keep you or your loved one socially engaged in your own home. They can also accompany you on visits with friends, family or to social events. 

Our companionship services include: 

  •  Companionship and conversation
  •  Help with shopping
  •  Cooking and sharing meals
  •  Helping you to enjoy your hobbies
  •  Trips out or planning outings and visits
  •  Help with household tasks (cleaning, washing clothes, etc.)
  •  Arranging and accompanying you to and from appointments 

The aim of our companionship services is to ensure that you or your loved ones can lead happy, healthy and stimulating lives in the comfort of your own home or residence. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact us to discuss your care options with a member of our team.